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What are the Different Treatments Suggested for Varicose Veins

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All people would like to remain beautiful at all times. However, that may not be possible, as people tend to age with time. They would suffer several kinds of diseases and conditions. However, in order to deal with the issues, they would have several kinds of treatments. Not all people would be aware that varicose veins could be treatment with laser treatment easily. However, is that the only treatment available to enlever les varices? In case, you wish to undergo the knife, you could opt for surgery as well. Do you really wish to undergo a surgery when laser treatment is available at your behest?

Understanding varicose veins

Let us understand what varicose veins are. Varicose veins would be best described as enlarged veins. In a majority of cases, varicose veins could be seen to occur on the legs. However, they are not limited to legs alone and could occur in other parts of the body.

The veins entail leaflet valves that would prevent the blood from flowing in the opposite direction. The muscles of the leg would pump the veins, so that the blood would travel to the heart. However, when the veins enlarge or varicose occurs, the leaflets would not be able to meet or close, as they did earlier. Therefore, it would result in valves to function in an improper manner. The enlargement of veins would be caused due to blood flowing in the opposite direction than intended.

What is the best treatment for varicose veins problem?

The situation would come forth with more problems with passage of time. In case, you do not do anything about the problem, it could transform from a simple cosmetic blemish to severe problem. You would be suffering from severe pain and several other conditions based on your activities you may be involved in normally.

The treatments may vary based on the condition of your veins. You would have the option of following different kinds of procedures in order to help solve or reduce the problem.

  • Surgical method
  • Non-surgical method

Surgery would entail removal or stripping of the entire area of the main trunk of the saphenous vein. The process might need you to be hospitalized. It would also mean longer recovery duration.

The non-surgical treatment would entail laser treatment for varicose veins. The treatment would entail usage of laser. It could be completed in least possible time, less pain with less recovery duration.

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