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Self-defense Products – Why Nurses Need Stun Guns – Top Four Reasons

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Self-defense goods are several products that offer a nonlethal option to the deadly pressure of the hand gun. They’ve been utilized by police officials police force agencies for a long time in a single form or any other. Pepper sprays, stun guns and tasers that are utilized by over 11,000 police agencies.

The objective of self-defense products is to provide you with time to escape a harmful situation and seek help.

Initially when i first began doing a bit of research with this article I had been shocked at some of what I learned. Why would a nurse require a self-defense product your hospital?

You will find four reasons that stick out.

1. First, the Worldwide Association of Healthcare Safety and security is reporting that 70 % of hospitals come in average or over-average violent crime areas. The region round the hospital is an atmosphere for crime.

2. Second, due to shortages of staff and prevalent substance use by er patients the amount of assaults, beatings, stabbings even rapes is much excellent too.

3. Third since most people employed in the nursing profession are women. Women would be the targets of violence in nine from ten occasions for from street assaults to domestic violence by burglary and residential invasion to carjacking, women would be the preferred targets in 90 % from the cases.

4. The 4th reason is the fact that nurses frequently work odd shifts greater than practically every other occupation. This frequently places them is darkened stairwells and deserted parking lots at odd hrs placing them at and the higher chances of assault.

Individuals are four reasons why nurses require a self-defense product inside a hospital setting.

A stun gun will work better than the others. They’re hands held devices with two prongs on a single finish that do an electrical charge. When that electrical charge is used for an assailant for three to five seconds it causes your body to overwork and deplete it of bloodstream sugars required for energy. It’ll immobilize an opponent for five to 15 minutes giving you a chance to escape.

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