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Improve your memory levels with Aniracetam

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Aniracetam is recognized as a smart drug or a nootropic supplement that was developed by a Belgium company, named Hoffman-La Roche during the 1970s. This medication belongs to the class of nootropics, called racetams and racetams are hugely popular for their capability to promote cognitive function plus augment cholinergic neurotransmission. It is also well-known for its anxiolytic effects, meaning it lessens your feelings of nervousness besides improving your focus and memory. This compound has a very few adverse side effects and has a lower level of toxicity. If you wish to take this medication, you must understand its benefits, its stacks, dosages and the probabilities of side effects.

Like other racetam group drugs, the proper process of action of this medication isn’t known fully. However, this medication is helpful in maintaining brain metabolism to normal levels, and its positive outcomes are evident in beneficially distressing ischemic patients. These patients undergo an uncommon condition where their brain fails to receive an adequate flow of blood, and as a result, their brain neurons get damaged by the production of free radicals and they are highly toxic. When these patients took this medication, the formation of free radicals lessened to a remarkable degree. When you wish to buy Aniracetam, you can depend on many reputed online stores.

Proper dosages

The prescribing info for this medication suggests a dosage of 600, 750, 1000 or 1500mg daily. You are always recommended to begin with a low dosage to test your tolerance level. However, you can always increase the dosage until you discover the lowest effective dosage. For treating cerebrovascular disease and memory disorders, dosages of 600-2000mg daily are required to be taken. In Japan, patients suffering from depression associated with cerebral infarction or anxiety are advised to take this medication in 200mg dosage thrice daily. Again, patients suffering from SDAT (Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type) are requested to take dosages of 1000-1500mg daily.

Older adults suffering from attention disorders or memory deficits are required to take 1500mg daily. Users can take the whole dosage at a time or can split it into a couple of dosages. For getting nootropic benefits, you can take 1.5 g split to be taken thrice daily. You should take this medication during the early hours as taking it late in the day can disturb your sleep. Numerous people stack this medication with one choline supplement for increasing its efficiency and also to prevent the chances of side effects and a dosage proportion of 4:1 or 5:1 is habitually advised.

Buying this compound

This medication hasn’t got approval from the FDA of the US, and it is considered investigational compounds not meant for human consumption. It is also not a controlled drug so you can buy Aniracetam legally in the US. In fact, people of the UK, Australia, and Canada too can buy and use this compound legally. You can buy this medication in capsules or powder form from international vendors for your personal use. In Switzerland and Italy, this medication is a licensed compound, and you will need a prescription to buy it.

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