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Beautiful smiles for every child

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Many people suffer from different mouth, gum, and teeth problems. Diverse kinds exist ranging from a simple case of bad breath to more complicated ones like mouth cancer. Another area of concern that may significantly affect our mouth or the way we smile (if you want to put it that way) is orthodontics. This some what an“uncomplicated” oral condition that can be resolved with braces, retainers, and other devices which can help realign the teeth or jaw. Children are very susceptible to a multitude of cases, and it may get pricey for dealings if you want to go for realignment. But, is it in reality, that “simple?” Kids orthodontist could, as far as the area of dentistry is concerned, get the job done.

What is Orthodontic Treatment? 

A branch of dentistry which facilitates realignment procedures for teeth and jaw is orthodontics. It is generally for aesthetic function, but it is also imperative that one undergo orthodontic procedures for some noteworthy reasons. A set of teeth that are aligned improperly are harder to clean and are more vulnerable to cavity build up, decay and periodontal disease. Thus, affected teeth are at risk of being extracted earlier. Furthermore, it may add up to the stress in gum muscles causing severe toothaches. A deformed jaw may look unpleasant, so there goes your purpose for aesthetics.

Candidacy for treatment 

There is a long list of cases which your children may have. Candidates for orthodontic treatment may have any of the following conditions. An overbite is a case wherein the upper frontal teeth are sticking too far out while an under bite is pretty much self-explanatory. Their jargonized names are “buckteeth” and “bulldog” respectively (which we may find funny names in real life). Kids’ orthodontists name it crowding when there is no more room in the gum ridge due to several extra teeth. When gaps or spaces are visible in between teeth as a result of a missing tooth, it is called spacing. The case in which the mid portion of your lower front teeth does not align with the middle part of your upper front teeth is tagged misplaced midline.

What are the treatments? 

Many appliances or gadgets may be used in moving your teeth, retraining the gum muscles and influencing the growth of the jaw. The device can either be removable or permanent, and they work by applying a pressure ever so gently on the teeth and jaws. The decision on which approach shall be employed for you will be based on the severity of your problem. Permanent gadgets include braces, special permanent appliances and space maintainers. On the other hand, removable appliances include aligners, removable space maintainers, jaw re positioning appliances, removable retainers, headgear, and palatable expander. All of which works toward the same goal and that is to give you a much more beautiful smile.

Is it a requirement for your child to visit an orthodontist? Yes, it is! Prevention is better than cure. Only orthodontists may know which dental problems bother your child. By doing so as well, they may suggest valuable advice there and then as to what method should be followed to correct it.

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