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All on Four Implants – The Treatment Protocol

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You know how much it aches when a single tooth is affected; think about how the pain escalates if a whole row of the teeth’s jaw aches; it’s would be so unbearable; a typical patient with such dental condition would opt for tooth removal. But again, the thought would be that of how and what it would take to replace them; of course, you don’t want gap tooth or face the taunts and ridicules for being toothless each time you smile or talk. Well, to inform you, there are several tooth rehab procedures for replacing your tooth but while some methods would come with teeth held to your other teeth with a removable partial denture, some other savvy methods would replace your teeth beautifully without leaving a clue; they replace it in such a way that the new set of teeth keeps the look natural and rhymes with the rest. Such teeth replacement procedures do not come with clasps or denture.

The exciting and most striking thing about these procedures is that in just one surgical operation, your entire teeth can be replaced. One procedure, in particular, is the All on Four implant therapy. With just eight tooth implant, four on either side, the entire tooth replacement is completed in no time. What’s more! The implants are treated to enhance their fusion with walls and base of your jaw for them to give you immediate relief and comfort.

The All on Four Treatment Protocol

There are three treatment procedures involved in the All on Four implants treatment therapy; they include:

The Diagnostic Stage: To get started with this procedure, the first thing a proficient dentist would do is to determine if this procedure is right for you. To do this, he employs several diagnostic techniques including carrying out a CT scan, 3D imaging and a host of other tests; usually, the result of all these diagnoses comes out in form of vivid, elaborate photographs that clearly reveals the state of a patient’s oral health. Upon assessing the result, the specialist is able to recommend treatment procedures and options; depending on the extent of tooth decay and the peculiarity of diagnosis, an all on 4 tooth replacement option or any other non-implant solution can be recommended.

The Surgical Stage: Surgical procedures that could be carried out on a patient’s teeth are varied; usually the all in 4 treatment procedure requires just the surgical fixing of four implants along the lower and upper arch. However, where necessary, the dentist could carry out bone grafts and re-contouring before fixing implant. In all these, the consolation for patients is that these processes can be completed in just one surgical session. All that would be left thereafter is to go for follow-up visits where the progress of the treatment can be monitored. If everything goes well, in 48 hours you should be able to live a normal life with your new set of teeth and by the 12th week after the surgery, the whole treatment process should have been concluded.

The Restorative Stage: Sometimes, might just want to see how comfortable you feel with the new set of teeth post-treatment; so about 16 weeks after the surgery, and another visit may be scheduled to listen to your complaints and get your feedback on what’s right, where it hurts or if there is a need for an adjustment.

On the whole, the all-on-four implants therapy is a tried, tested and proven procedure that works, just if both the patient and dentist would work together to ensure its effectiveness and durability.

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